Windmill is a private, gated community of eight home sites set on 20 acres in the high Sonoran Desert foothills of North Scottsdale, Arizona. Anchored by the award winning, geomorphic Bowman House on the southeast corner and the Palo Verde model home on the northwest corner, Windmill offers six additional home sites on which six striking homes will be built. Plans for each of the six additional homes are complete and have been crafted to the last detail by the renowned architectural master, Bob Bacon.
Windmill is different from other luxury real-estate developments in the area. For one, home sites average about two acres rather than the customary one acre. However, the most unique characteristic of Windmill is that everything from land planning to architectural designs to interior details is the work and vision of a single “Master of the Southwest”, Bob Bacon. The six to-be-built Modern American Ranch homes are Bacon’s career best designs created specifically for Windmill. These Modern American Ranch homes, in Bob’s words are genuine American products echoing the character and quality found in casual ranch homes throughout the west before the notion of fashion diminished pure, practical architecture. In sum, Windmill has been created with uncompromised integrity to offer timeless value through the art of fine design and exceptional real-estate.

Windmill Home Ownership:

The award-winning Bowman house on Lot 8 and the Palo Verde model home on Lot 1 are complete and available for purchase and quick occupancy, with or without furnishings. The Acacia home on Lot 6 and the Joshua Tree house on Lot 4 are under construction and available for purchase at pre-completion pricing, with occupancy in late 2016 and early 2017 respectively. Alternatively, Windmill will build one of the homes already designed for Lots 2, 3 or 7, customized to your specifications, at fixed price and deliver it fully ready for move-in within 14 months of the beginning of construction.


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Video: Architectural Designer Bob Bacon Discusses Windmill
Total Air-conditioned3,550 sq. feet
Total Adjusted*5,075 sq. feet
Total Under Roof6,760 sq. feet


Total Air-conditioned4,575 sq. feet
Total Adjusted*7,020 sq. feet
Total Under Roof9,675 sq. feet


Total Air-conditioned4,900 sq.feet
Total Adjusted*6,300 sq. feet
Total Under Roof8,150 sq. feet
Joshua Tree (Lot 4) – 2.10 Acres – Ready for move-in!


Total Air-conditioned5,150 sq. feet
Total Adjusted*6,450 sq. feet
Total Under Roof8,250 sq. feet
Acacia – (Lot 6) – 1.72 Acres – Ready for move-in!


Total Air-conditioned4,470 sq. feet
Total Adjusted*6,000 sq. feet
Total Under Roof7,950 sq. feet


Total Air-conditioned5,130 sq. feet
Total Adjusted*7,770 sq. feet
Total Under Roof10,355 sq. feet
“Gold Nugget Grand Award Winner”
Total Air-conditioned6,250 sq. feet
Total Under Roof9,000+ sq. feet
* Adjusted square footage is a measurement that gives recognition to the truly functional oudoor living spaces, oversized garages and storage areas in the Windmill homes.